Video: Kid interviews Roger Federer; asks why he’s nicknamed ‘GOAT’

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The kid has a point.

A young, aspiring journalist had a few questions for Roger Federer during a U.S. Open press conference over the weekend.

The kid, who isn’t shown but if I had to guess he’s less than 12 years old, starts out by asking Federer about his homeland.

“Switzerland is a really cool country, right?” the kid innocently asks.

“Not always, but most of the time,” Federer responds as a smile crawls across his face.

The kid, who clearly did his research, delves deeper into Federer’s Swiss roots.

“There isn’t too much livestock,” the kid said. “So, why do they call you the ‘GOAT?’”

The question was met from laughter by the whole room.

“Some fans call me that. I don’t call myself that,” Federer responded. “We have a lot of animals in Switzerland and goats are part of the livestock we have over there.”

The kid didn’t realize the “GOAT” nickname isn’t a reference to the farm animal, but rather it’s an acronym for “Greatest Of All Time.”

The kid had one more “serious” question and asked Federer if he could continue to play for eight or nine years so when the kid turns professional the two could be set for a match.

Federer was a good sport and said that if happens to retire before the kid goes pro, he’ll return from retirement to play him.

“Is that a promise?” the kid asked.

“Almost a promise. Pinky promise,” Federer laughed.

You can watch the full interview with the kid journalist:

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