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Mary Mitchell’s column was the most direct and truthful article that I have ever read about violence in Chicago (Ald. Ray Lopez’s candor about gang violence sets powerful example — May 11). She couldn’t have said it any better. She writes, “Yes, all lives matter.  But all deaths are not honorable.”   I agree. It’s difficult for me to feel compassion for those who choose the thug life. They know what comes with the turf. But a young man like Blair Holt (killed while trying to shield a friend from gunfire) was not suppose to die that way. Also, kudos to rookie Ald. Lopez, who has shown more courage than those in office for decades.

Janette Lopez, Belmont-Cragin

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Reminder for Trump

Would someone please inform that man in the White House that he is not the CEO of the United States? He is the president and hence a public servant. He is a servant of the people. He is also a servant of the press. I pray he is not a servant of Vladimir Putin.

Martin Nicholson, Niles

Deputy gov a waste of money

Besides not submitting a balanced budget in more than two years, why did the governor invent a deputy governor position for Leslie Munger? We don’t need a lieutenant governor, let alone a deputy governor. Seems like another waste of tax dollars.

Mike Rice, Jefferson Park

Roskam picks party over people

Rep. Peter Roskam voted party over people yet again and subsequently got the ball rolling to remove affordable health care for approximately 24 million Americans. Support for pre-existing conditions and Medicaid is strong in the sixth district, and he just stripped away protections with a vote that supports high risk pools. These pools have never worked in the past, as they are woefully underfunded, leaving many without adequate care and ballooning costs. The White House and Congress have made it clear that they are in the business of simply rolling back any of President Obama’s accomplishments, like the ACA, vehicle emissions standards and Energy Star (the latter two of which are leaving even corporate executives scratching their heads), rather than governing our nation.

Government is not, and should never be, run like a business, based solely on financials. There is human collateral involved in every decision, from immigration to health care to education. However, Congress seems to have left its humanity behind, and it is time for those of us who still value empathy and concern for our fellow Americans to step up. Get civically engaged. Even if you have never been active before, join a protest, write a postcard, call your representative’s office. Remember, this country is built on “We the people,” not “We the corporations.” I’ll see you at the finish line in 2018.

Leslie Sadowski-Fugitt, Downers Grove

Staggering losses

The recent health care bill passed by the House of Representatives on health care would mean a loss of coverage for millions of Americans. For many, it comes down to the difference between life and death. I pray for those families, and I pray for the future of our country.

Rev. Sara Wohlieb, Uptown

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